What we can and will provide on request

Grave Care Services including headstone washing and cleaning, litter removal, site inspection, with photograph of gravesite.On each visit we will:-

Trim off grass around headstone and edge of plot

Remove any old flowers, plants, debris, weeds or litter

Prune bushes, shrubs or trees

Wash and clean memorial pot liners and headstones/memorials

Take a digital photograph which will be e-mailed or posted to the address of your choosing (enabling you to see the work we have carried out)

Inspect the memorial and report to you if it is in need of repair, supplying you with a no obligation quote for any remedial work required.  Our specialist monumental mason would carry out any repairs that may be necessary to the memorial or the inscription.

And finally, if there is something else you would like (gravel, wrought iron plant stands, plastic stands, candles or memorial plaques) please get in touch and we will do all that we can to accommodate your request.

We also supply details of fellow Grave Carers throughout the World, get in touch and we will point you in the right direction from our extensive list of contacts.



http://gravesideguardians.com/          Our close American friends in New Jersey


Testimonial -

Mr Christie, Stirling - "Many thanks a great improvement"

Overseas Customer -"Thank you so much for your tend as directed. I especially appreciated your detailed report, recommendations and excellent photos. It makes an emotional visit easier having a cared for grave site. I have spent hours looking for a service that will do what I cannot do as I live overseas. I will certainly use your service again and would happily recommend your service. Thank you for your prompt service and being your word. A very satisfied overseas customer."

Teresa McCallion, Fraserburgh - (Family graves in Dumbarton), "Thanks again for a wonderful service and thanks for being so supportive at a difficult time"

Ms Beale, Norfolk -  "So reassuring to know that our family grave is being looked after 400 miles away. Thank you for your prompt and excellent service."

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